Following are some case studies in Ozone Therapy:

1 Case Study of Ozone for Shortness of breath and low energy level
  Mohan Shah
Weight : 90 Kgs | Age: 67 | Height : 176 cms

Condition / Symptoms
First symptoms started appearing in New York since Sept of 2007 of Heavy breathing and shortness of breath specially on climbing steps. No past history of other complications such as high B.P. / Cholesterol or chest pain or any other heart complications but having diabetes Type II.
In October 2007 examined by G.P/Cardiologists, went through stress tests and echo cardiogram tests and all heart functions found to be normal.
It was suspected that I might have problems with my lungs so a pulmonary test of lungs was suggested.
In Nov 2007 travelled to India and consulted lung specialists. Was advised to go to Harkisondas Hospital for conducting pulmonary. The test results were normal.

The symptoms persisted and was advised to see a heart specialists, after conducting all the normal procedures was advised to go for Thallium Stress test at Jaslok Hospital, turned out to be normal, no blockage was seen in the lungs and heart.

Returned to New York. Found a new cardiologist at Lenox Hill Hospital. She ran me through the usual tests at the ehospitals including Endoscopy and Angio Catscan. All normal except the Hemoglobin was slightly on the lower side at 11. May be the reason for my symptoms.
As a last resort, she finally recommended an Angiography/Angioplasty should be conducted.

The tests showed severe blockage of five arteries and with 95% blockage in one of the main arteries.
At this point a quadruple by-pass surgery was the only remedy and the open heart surgery was performed successfuly on the same day 15th February, 2008.
Post By pass:
Same symptoms continued while in USA with lack of energy. All tests were normal except Hemoglobin was low to 9. It was brought back up to 11 by medication.
Traveled to India on April 10th 2008
Joined Asian Heart Institute Rehab Facilities in Mumbai. 3 times a week light exercises.
Same symptoms continued, shortness of breath and no energy.
All necessary tests were conducted, such as blood tests, X-rays, Cat Scan, Sonograms, PFT etc. All normal.
4 weeks in Mumbai and developed water in Lungs and swelling in legs.

On 8th May 300 CC fluid was removed from Lungs.
The fluid was analyzed and was free of any Bacterial Infection. No TB.
Symptoms improved some what, but the physical weakness prevailed.
On May 23rd 2008, additional 300 cc fluid was removed from lungs.
Hemoglobin dropped to 9.5 again. Breathing improved but the weakness of the body continued.
Was taking Lipitor, Plavix, Folic Acid and beta block for heart plus, 6 others for lungs, breathing and infection.
None of the Doctors could say what was wrong.
End of May 2008
Started on daily Ozone infusion through ears and rectum for 18 days course.
Ear: ozone flow 200ml per minute, of 10 micro gram / ml for 5 minutes
Rectum: 200ml of ozone gas of 30 micro gram / ml ie., 6,000 micro grams
Continued the 4 medication for heart but stopped the 6 medicines for breathing, lungs and infection.
Since 4th day of Ozone, there was a remarkable improvement in general physical condition and the body was re-energized.
Since then the energy level in the body has constantly improved and the breathing has returned to almost normal.
After 15 days of Ozone infusion Hemoglobin level has risen to 10.5. The effect was that of Blood Transfusion.
Since last 2 weeks Ozone infusion course has been completed and overall condition is improving everyday.
April 15th’09
It’s almost a year since the OZONE treatment was administered and the general health condition has remained constantly in A1 condition. The earlier symptoms have never re-appeared. The current Hemoglobin tested in April 2009 maintained at 12.75 range. The chest X-Ray of Lungs in month of April 16, 2009 was absolutely clear. The overall breathing and energy level is normal. I am continuing the same medications for my heart, besides my Diabetes medication and Vitamin D, Beta Blocker 25mg , Baby Aspirin 50mg.

Doctors observation :MECHANISM (In general)
While Mr.Mohan Shah was getting treated with allopathy, the main concentration was on the disease but not the patient as a whole. When he was treated with ozone, the body started accelerating the process of healing by way of increase in the oxygenation of blood. When there is oxygenation in the body the Red blood cells (RBC) get charged with Nascent “O” and releases more oxygen.
¨ Improving RBC’S Oxygenation
¨ Alerting the WBC by activated cytokines which leads to controlled activation of the immune system.
¨ Ozone as a germicidal, helps other medication work faster than usual – like antibiotics.
¨ Instead of treating on the basis of report we should treat patient as a whole

“Doctors put drugs of which they know little into bodies,
of which they know less, for diseases of which they know nothing at all”


2 Primary Infertility
  Mrs. S,
34yrs.,married since 16 yrs., nulligravida, eager to conceive.
M/H is regular, scanty, pain in abdomen and backache before mense.
P/H of koch’s in 2004, AKT was taken. Now antibody to T.B. is negative.
Laparoscopy done on 8th April 2009, finding is thick omental adhesion seen with ant. Abd. Wall perihepatic adhesion.

Hysterosalpingography was done on 9th April 2009, which shows both tubes are blocked at fibrial end of fallopian:
We advised 20 sitting of vaginal insufflation with 40mcg/ml. at flow of 120ml/min.
After the treatment her menstrual flow is normal.
Before After

2nd Hysterosalpingography was done on 4th july 2009, which shows narrow openings in the fallopian tubes


3 Diabetic - Non Healing Ulcers
  Mr. M,
44yrs., Male .

He came with a complaint of ulcer on both legs, since 15 yrs ,H/O of sever pain and swelling more on Lt. then Rt.
He is a K/C/O DM / HT on medication.
O / E,.
Lt. Leg –
Ulcer on lateral aspect of lower leg, above ankle joint – 4inch x 4inch.
Rt. Leg –
Ulcer on medial aspect of lower leg, above ankle joint – 3c.m. x 4c.m.
Blackish Discolouration of both lower leg, around ulcer.
Ulcer was full of pus.
On Investigation :- 25 / 12 / 08 – Blood Sugar – Fasting –186
Post Lunch – 247

Treatment Advice:
Rectal Insufflation: 20 sittings , everyday
Concentration - 30mcg/ml.
Volume - 200ml.
Dose – 6000mcg.

Bagging –Everyday
Concentration – 60mcg/ml
Volume - 500ml/ min. X 20min.

After 1 week on 01 / 01 / 09 – Blood Sugar – Fasting – 139
Post Lunch – 183
Pain was much better ,blackish discoloration around ulcer was decreased after 10th sittings.
After 20th sitting we advised maintaining dose of rectal insufflation twice a week and bagging everyday.

After 3 months:-
Rt leg ulcer healed properly. But left leg ulcer was diagnosed as vascular incompetent. So he was operated for it. Rt leg ulcer was healed with Ozone Therapy

4 Non Healing Ulcers
  Mr. N,

He came with non healing ulcer over medial aspect of Rt.ankle, since 1994. He presented with sever burning pain, swelling and redness.
He is a k/c/o, Poliomilitis. Surgery was done for lengthening in 1992. Stitches reopen on 1994 and developed ulcer. Part around ulcer was very sensitive.

O/E, Ulcer-3cm x 3cm
Investigation-Sensitivity Test-1-Pseudomonas aeruginosa
2-Citrobacter koseri
He was diagnosed as Psudomonas Infection

Advice-Local Bagging
Volume-125ml/min.X 20min.
After 5-6 sittings, pus was decreased and presented with healthy granulation tissue .
After 20 sittings, wound was completely cover by granulation tissue.Scab was removed .

5 Psoriasis
73yrs. Old man from Bhavnagar.

He presented with red lesions, scaly patches all over the body.Itching and dryness all over the body. There was marked exfolation of skin. H/O bleeding from lesions after scratching. He is K/C/O HT since many years, on medication, it is under control.

On examination ,rough, dry, scaly lesion all over the body .Lesion was red. No active bleeding, exfoliation was marked.

He was diagnosed as Psoriasis.

He was given,
1- Rectal Insufflation-20sittings,concentration was 30mcg/ml X 200ml, alternateday.
2- Minor Autohaemotherapy-10sittings,concentrationwas10mcg/ml X 5ml, alternateday.
3- Ozone Steam Bath-10sittings,concentration was 30mcg/mlX 1lit./min.X 15min., alternateday.
4- Ozone oil for local application at night.
We gave Rectal Insufflation and Minor Autohaemotherapy on one day alternated with steam bath.
We gave first 5 sittings of Rectal Insufflation, Then we started MiAHT and Steam. There was marked improvement after MiAHT and steam, itching was decreased, exfolition was decreased, aggressiveness of lesion was decreased. He was in Mumbai only for a month. We advised ozone oil at home, and follow up after 6month.

6 Heel adscess and pregangrenous changes with Diabetes Mellitus
  55 year old diabetic had a small wound on the heel which he neglected. It became worse and an abscess developed on the left heel pad. Pregangrenous changes started on the dorsum of the left foot.

He was treated with the standard treatment protocol for non-healing wounds plus Ozone. External Ozone Oxygen Gas Mixture was given by bagging the affected limb in a plastic bag. First 10 sittings were given daily and last 5 sittings were on alternate days. He showed good response and the granulation tissue was very healthy. Skin grafting was done with 80-85% graft acceptance.


7 Chronic Eczema
  71 years old man had rough, thick, dry scaly skin on the anterior aspects of both the ankle joints, since last 10 years. It started on the right side and followed by the left side within 3 years. He developed generalized itching since 3 months. A well defined, very dry, rough, dirty yellow colored lesion with horizontal fissures at the skin fold was present on the anterior aspect of the right ankle

Left ankle had similar lesion but half in size and less severe. Diagnosis of chronic eczema was made. Ozone therapy was given in 3 ways – External Ozone application with bagging, local application of Ozonated Oil and rectal insufflations for faster relief and generalized itch. After 15 sittings, his itch was gone, his lesion has improved significantly and he was feeling well and energetic!


8 Bed sore

38 years old male was admitted with high fever for the past 3 weeks. In spite of treatment, his fever was not coming down. He was a long standing paraplegic. He also had a bed sore on his right buttock, almost bone deep, for the past 3 years. In spite of regular dressings, there was no improvement in its condition. It was covered with copious foul smelling discharge. The lips of the ulcer were thickened. Ozonated Oil was used on experimental basis. Ozonated Oil was applied twice daily after cleaning the wound. A dramatic improvement was noticed.

The discharge was reduced and the ulcer started showing healthy granulation tissue. Surgical debridement was done and the entire ulcer was closed in layers. Daily dressings were carried out with Ozonated Oil. The healing was satisfactory. The surrounding skin improved in its texture, it became smooth and supple. Thus the entire ulcer healed by a primary closure. The patient was discharge in a satisfactory condition. An ulcer, which one would expect to take at least 10 weeks, healed within 3 week.


9 Cerebellar Stroke

A 70 years old male, known diabetic, hypertensive & post coronary artery by pass surgery status, presented with history of weakness of right side of body & postural imbalance. He had a history of sudden onset of vomiting & weakness before 15 days & was admitted to hospital at Mumbai. MRI of brain with angiography was done & was diagnosed to have cerebrovascular stroke. MRI Showed Acute infarct in right posterior inferior cerebellar artery & old ischemic lesion in left basal ganglia, corona radiata & bilateral parietal white matter.
After 1 week of stay he was discharged. At the time of discharge, he had postural imbalance, Weakness of right side of body and positive Romberg sign.
On examination, Romberg sign positive, Intentional tremor with dysmetria & dyssynergia, Decreased muscle tone, Dysdiadochokinesis and ataxic gait were present. He was started on Ozone Therapy & Physiotherapy. Ozone therapy included Major autohemotherapy twice a week, rectal insufflations on alternate days. Physiotherapy included all coordination exercises, balance exercises, & Gait training.
After 10 days of treatment (From 27/4/07 to 6/5/07), His Intentional tremor was reduced by 60%; all co-coordinative movements were improved by 40%. Romberg sign became negative. He was able to get up from chair with ease. He could perform all his day to day activities without support & he was feeling very fresh. Postural imbalance was reduced. He was walking without support & no swaying.


10 CA Vaginal wall
  Mrs. K S, age 47 Muslim lady was a case of post op Ca vaginal wall. She had Ca cervix in 2004 which was operated in KEM hospital. She had taken 6 chemotherapy following surgery.
She complained of severe pain & discomfort in lower abdomen, profuse leucorrea, dribbling of urine and involuntary urination. She was very depressed and irritated. She was given ozone therapy by Rectal insufflation and Vaginal insufflation, twice a week for a total of 20 procedures each. Patient improved within first 4 sessions. Her vaginal discharge completely disappeared! She started passing proper stools and gaining control over her micturation. Her appetite improved.
Above all, she improved psychologically. She became better, happy & cheerful. Her zeal for life returned.

11 Osteo Arthritis Knee Joints
  Ms. J 54 yrs old housewife was suffering from pain in both the knee joints since 2 years. She was advised knee joint replacement. Knee joint lavage was given 3 yrs ago. She had reached menopause 12 yrs ago. This was the case of osteoarthritis. Ozone therapy was started in the form of subcutaneous peri articular knee joint injections, injecting 5 ml of Ozone around one knee joint. She was given injections twice a week, and continued for 4 weeks. At the end of 4 weks, her pain was reduced by 80%.

12 Intestinal Tuberclosis & Erosive Gastritis
  21 yrs old typist came with recurrent burning pain in stomach and vomiting off and on since 7 yrs and was not relieved with the existing treatment. He also suffered from diarrhea. He had suffered from Abdominal Tuberculosis at the age of 8yrs. He was treated for TB for 6 months then. Presently, he could not eat heavy meals as his stomach would not retain it. It would give rise to burning and vomiting. Endoscopes revealed Erosive Gastritis in Nov 2004. He was given rectal Ozone twice a week for 5 weeks. He started showing good results after 3 visits only and after the treatment was over he was very happy as his bouts of Diarrhea stopped and finally he got rid of the everlasting (as termed by him initially) burning pain in stomach!

13 Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc
  Mr. K P, 42 years old athlete presently working for BMC had a prolapsed intervertebral disc between L4 and L5 since 6 months, after a football match. He had to bend a lot due to the nature of his supervisory work. It gave him lot of pain. He was given paraspinal Ozone injections, (An OPD procedure) twice a week for 5 weeks. His pain was reduced by 75% only after 4th injection. On completion of the course, he was totally pain free and working.

14 Varicose Veins and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  PS, 36 years old housewife was suffering from pain near the calves especially after standing for 1-2 hours. She had developed varicose veins post delivery since 3 years. Her perforators near the calf were incompetent, leading to purplish discoloration near the calf. She would get so tired that she had to have rest in the afternoon before she could face her evening chores. She was started on rectal Ozone twice a week for 10 procedures and then Major Autohemotherapy was added alternately. She finished 15 Rectal Insufflation and 5 Major Autohemotherapy. Her pain was reduced by 80%. Her chronic fatigue is totally gone! She felt very energetic and could walk on a trade mill for 30 minutes! Her discoloration had also lightened considerably.

15 Sinusitis and Asthama
  23 years old school teacher was suffering from allergic rhinitis and sinusitis. Running nose was her constant companion. It was due to chalk dust allergy. She had difficulty in breathing especially at night, while sleeping; because of nose block which would finally result into headache - predominantly in sinus regions. She had this problem since 2 years. Past history revealed Bronchial Asthma from the age of 12 years. She was taking tablet Asthalin and Rotahaler in emergency. X-ray PNS showed that Para-frontal sinuses were filled with fluid. She was advised ear insufflation twice a week. She continued the treatment for 5 weeks. She had very good result in Sinusitis as well as in asthma. Her nasal symptoms disappeared. Her headache was gone. Her X-ray showed clearing of PNS. Her asthma was also much better controlled.

16 Filariasis with Diabetes mellitus : by Dr. Jignasha Captain
  Mr.Kersi Dawar, 66yrs./M,
came with H/O multiple non healing ulcer on both leg. Lt.leg more affected then Rt. Leg .Ulcer s were severely oozing and with foul smelling discharge. Both leg was swollen with multiple boils and black discoloration was present with itching but no sensation of pain.
H/O mosquito bite leads to filariasis in 1982.H/O Injury leads to non healing ulcer. H/O chills and fiariatic attack on and off.
Last attack was on Feb.2010, since then he was not able to walk properly, lifting leg was very difficult. Feeling tired very easily.
K/C/O DM since 8-10yrs. FBS was 110 and PPBS was 170.
His Wt. was more then 110kg.
He was advised Rectal Insufflations, Bagging, Ozone steam and local oil application.

After 5th sittings oozing decrease 60-70%.After 10th sittings oozing stop completely, swelling was decreased. Ulcer started healing. His wt. decreased by 30kg. after 20th sittings. He started feeling shooting pain in leg. Walking is better. Only one attack of chill was present. He is still on regular bagging, ozone steam and rectal insufflation as maintaining dose.

17 Fistula in Ano Rectal Region
  Mr.Kiran, 25yrs.,Came with Two Non healing fistula on Para vertebral sacral region and one opening near penis. H/O pain and pustular discharge present.
Complaint started with backache and boil on back. He went to orthopedic surgeon. Scrapping was done but ulcer was not healed. He was diagnosed as Fistula in ano. He developed another opening near penis .He was diagnosed as Pilonidal sinus with sacral lumbar opening and he was advised operation.
He smoked 4-5 cigarette per day and occasionally he drank alcohol.
He was advised Rectal Insufflations, funneling and local oil application. After 20th sitting his pustular discharge was decreased, pain is decreased. He lost craving for alcohol and smoking . His general wellbeing is increased. After 40th sittings Pilonidal sinus was completely healed. After 60th sittings fistula on lubar region is almost heal. We advised further local oil application.
Testimonial report:


18 Hemiplegia
  Mr.Pandurang, 65yrs.,
Came with Lt. sided Hemiplegia since 6-7 month. He got 4 episode of stroke. He could recovered from first three. During 4th stroke, he got Lt. sided hemiplegia .He presented with difficulty in walking, pain and stiffness in both leg. Burning pain in sole. Decreased grip on Lt. hand, difficulty in full extension of Lt .upper extremity. Occasionally vision was disturbed. Marked increased in irritability with disturbed sleep..
He is hypertensive since 15yrs. On antihypertensive medicine.
CT scan of Brain shows ischemic changes.
He is on Tab.Atorva, Tab.Ecosrin, Tab.Clopitab.
He was advised 20sittings of Rectal Insufflations and Ear Insufflations. After 10 sitting we added Major Auto Hemotherapy. Marked improvement in hand gripwas seen. he can walk comfortably. He can climb easily. Pain and .Irritability is decreased and sleep improved .Better extension of Lt. Upper extremity. After 30th sittings He was improved by 75%. We advised 10sitting of IV saline as a maintaining dose once in a week.

19 Non Healing Wound
  Mrs. Arundhati, 56 yrs ,
presented with non healing wound on right Leg, H/O hair line fracture on Right .Tibia Feb 2010. Plaster was done but not healed and also she had Osteoarthritis or Rt. Knee. So Rt .knee replacement was done and plate was inserted for healing of tibia. She developed infected non healing wound.
She is also a known case of Poliomyelitis of Lt. Leg.
P/H of hair line fracture of Lt Ankle, repeated urinary infection. She developed high blood sugar when she was hospitalized for knee replacement.
She was hospitalized when she started ozone and already operated twice. We gave Ozone bagging.
3rd sitting onwards healthy granulation tissue started appearing. She got operated and plate was removed.
After 14th sittings wound was completely healed.

20 Osteo-Arthritis Right Knee    [By Dr. Naved Sayed, Bangalore]
  A 48 years old female c/o pain and swelling in the right knee from past 5 months. On examination the right knee appears swollen and slightly reddish in color around the medical aspect of the knee. Tenderness elicited on palpation. Movement of the knee especially medial rotation produces pain.
Pt had taken treatment earlier in form of pain medicines. But relief onoly for short period. Pt says her movement is restricted because of the pain.

Inv: X-Ray Rt Kneee: Shows reduction of the joint space and also changes of osteo arthritis.

Peri-articular injections of the Right Knee with ozone: Total 10 inj. Started initially with a conc. of 15mcg/ml and increased to 25mcg/ml. 2ml each at four different points around the rt knee.
Ozone Pain Oil was also given for local application

Outcome: Pt had relief from her 2nd inj. By the the 10th Inj pt had free movement of her knee and was having no pain at all.

21 Parkinson’s Disease
  A 63 years old female with poor build and nutrition has c/o of tremors of the left hand from past 3 years. Tremors are present even on rest and increased when exercised. Pt is a diabetic and hypertensive. She is on treatment and is in control. She is also taking Syndopa. Pt wants to get well soon.

Ear Insufflation: Conc: 15mcg/ml gradually increased to 20 mcg/ml
Time: 5 mins
Duration: 20 sessions every alternative days.
Patient also started on PEMF therapy for 30 mins every day.

Outcome: Pt still symptomatic but her tremors are reduced by more than 50%
Patient and her family happy with the outcome.

22 Asteatotic Eczema              [By Dr. Gautam Shah, Dhule, MH]
  A 70 year old female patient was diagnosed with asteatotic eczema .
She was on continuous high doses of antibiotics and steroids for 3 months
pruritic, dry, cracked,skin with irregular scaling on the shin of the tibia
Asteatotic eczema is routinely treated with topical steroids and antibiotics.
Note that steroids can thin the cutaneous barrier and lower the threshold for further insults that lead to dermatitis, especially in elderly patients.
In addition, these agents modify the body's immune response to diverse stimuli.
We found ozone therapy effective in this and other such patients with dermatological disorders.
The medicating effect of ozone therapy is based on a high oxidative – restorative potential of ozone, its intense disinfection activity in direction of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and its activation of metabolistic processes.

Patient was treated with: Major auto haemotherapy, Bagging
Local ozonated oil application

AFTER 4 WEEKS :  BEFORE       >>>>>>>        AFTER


23 Psoriasis
  Psoriasis is a chronic, non-infectious disease that affects mainly the skin. It is currently suspected to be autoimmune in origin. It commonly causes red, scaly patches to appear on the skin.
Depending on the severity and location of outbreaks, individuals may experience significant physical discomfort and some disability. Itching and pain can interfere with basic functions, such as self-care, walking, and sleep.

Treatment options: Topical, Systemic, Phototherapy, Chemotherapy

Because of the chronic recurring nature of this condition successful treatment (which has no side effects) is a challenge Middle aged pt with psoriasis in February 2010

He had psoriasis since last 8 years.
He was treated with oral and topical steroids, but no relief.
Treatment with Ozone therapy was given by Major auto haemotherapy, Limb Bagging Rectal insufflations OZONE SAUNA
Pt was called at regular intervals over 4 weeks
Pruritus decreased after the second session itself .
Pain and swelling started decreasing in the second week.
Currently, the patient has no itching or pain. The lesions are drying up.


24 Diabetic Foot Ulcer                 [By Dr. Divya Choksi, Ahmedabad]
• This a case of young patient (aged 30 years) is working in Airtel mobile company. we all know how they are on toes in their job.he developed diabetes before three years.
• He had a shoe bite and he developed this infection. He took conventional medical treatment for 15 days by other physician.
• x-ray of great toe showed OM of the bone.
His blood sugar remained 250-350 mg% for 15 days.
We started ozone therapy in which we gave ozone injection 80 mc/cc 5cc daily after ozone bagging for 20 mins.

• This result we can see from the picture on 7th day.
• His blood sugar came down below 200 mg/cc.
• On 10th day we took sutures on the scar. thus he got a good cosmetic scar instead of amputation.


25 Case by Dr. Naveed, Bangalore
  This is a case of a 45 years old lady, named Dilshad, who is diabetic from the past 5 years and on oral treatment. She came with a complaint of the foot ulcer on the right foot which was not healing. She was in lot of pain and unable to walk. On examination her blood sugar level was 350. The right foot was swollen and hot to touch. It was black in color.
After cleaning the wound, ozone oil was applied and immediately bagging was done with ozone. Later the wound was dressed with sterile gauze, no other anti bacterial cream was applied. She was told to come everyday for wound dressing.
With careful blood sugar monitoring and wound treatment, the foot color slowly changed from black to dark red and finally the wound started healing.
After 1 month, the patient was able to walk normally and she had no pain.
After 6 weeks the wound dried up completely and the patient was told to continue applying ozone oil.
Thanks to the ozone bagging and ozone oil the patient’s foot was saved and also treated in a cost effective way.

Kindly get in touch with us for more Case Studies or further details

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